Lucius Fox

Chief Executive Officer of Wayne Enterprises
"In the capacity I will help you with whatever I can and protect his secret. And yes, I know." She smiled, looking at his computer. It was spectacular. "I am not highly advanced in technological systems, but I am more advanced than most people you will meet in the world." She looked back to Mr. Fox, still smiling. She figured neither of them would really know what to do with this situation. "Mr. Wayne requested I help from the sidelines, so he put me here."

Her response had Lucius looking up at her, as placid an expression on his face that he could muster. Any mention of Bruce Wayne and a secret was a cause for concern. There were only five people who knew of Mr. Wayne’s secret, and one of them had passed on.

Of the four remaining, none would ever divulge this information. Neither he, nor Alfred Pennyworth, nor Dr. Quinzel, and certainly not Commissioner Gordon, who pretended to have no idea.

Lucius rose from the workstation and pulled off his glasses, turning his gaze to other equipment in his lab.

"What secret are you referring to, Ms. Scavo? Further, what is the nature of Mr. Wayne’s request to you? The particulars, if you don’t mind."

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Naveen Jain is a serial entrepreneur whose work has spanned fields as diverse as web security, space exploration, and education and global development, so he knows a lot about problem solving. Here are some of his thoughts.

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Creepy creepy creepy…

And possibly dangerous. We’re not really sure yet. They’ve made some…interesting claims.

Lucius can’t seem to find them, either.


I’m still working on it, Bruce.

I’m overseas at the moment. I should be back in Gotham in the next day or so, but I haven’t stopped trying to find them. I don’t want for you or your older self to worry.

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One of the more surprising growth industries to have taken off during the current period of economic downturn and austerity has been “the happiness industry”—the increasing activity of economists (not philosophers) who study what constitutes happiness and make recommendations to governments about how best to increase it. This industry has recently achieved an early pinnacle of success with the publication of the first World Happiness Report. Commissioned for a United Nations Conference on Happiness, under the auspices of the UN General Assembly, it bears the imprimatur of Columbia University’s Earth Institute and is edited by the institute’s director, Jeffrey Sachs, and two happiness experts, Richard Layard of the London School of Economics and John Helliwell of the University of British Columbia. The report unmemorably finds that the world’s happiest countries world are in northern Europe (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands) and the most miserable are in Africa (Togo, Benin, Central African Republic, and Sierra Leone).

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Antonio Damasio (via synapticuniverse)

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In the quest to understand human behavior, many have tried to overlook emotion, but to no avail. Behavior and mind, conscious and not, and the brain that generates them, refuse to yield their secrets unless emotion (and the many phenomena that hide under its name) is factored in and given its due.




drhfquinzel replied to your photo: That you do, Mr. Fox.
Oh my G-d.

I’m sorry. I just…sometimes I can hear him, you know, when I read something. He kind of makes reading reports a little more, um, official sounding.

Ah. That’s very true. When I read something he writes, that is.

It’s good to know that my voice helps with work reading, Harleen. I am surprised to learn that my intonations come across so clearly in what I write. *smiles* 

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