Lucius Fox

Chief Executive Officer of Wayne Enterprises

With rival LightSquared running into interference, Clearwire sees an even bigger opportunity for itself to offer a 4G network to others.

“Our spectrum is clean, it’s contiguous, it’s deep and it doesn’t suffer from interference issues,” CEO Erik Prusch said in an interview at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

It’s been a rough go for Clearwire, however. In addition to shifting its focus from one wireless technology to another, Clearwire has also cut costs, pared its workforce and outsourced some network operations to Ericsson.

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T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS Communications Inc. are pushing the Federal Communications Commission to block Verizon Wireless’s plan to buy wireless airwaves from a group of cable companies for $3.9 billion.

T-Mobile—which just months ago was pushing antitrust authorities to approve its failed deal to sell itself to AT&T Inc.—argued in an FCC filing that Verizon Wireless’s deal poses “a clear threat to competition” and would allow the nation’s largest cellphone carrier “to accumulate even more spectrum on top of an already dominant position, while checkmating crucial avenues for growth of its smaller competitors.”

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