Lucius Fox

Chief Executive Officer of Wayne Enterprises

Intel has purchased 190 patents and 170 patent applications from RealNetworks for $120 million.

The patents include technology invented to create next-generation video codecs, which encode or decode video so that it can be sent over networks efficiently. It’s one more example of a giant company “armoring up” to deal with potential patent wars in the future.

As part of the deal, Intel will acquire RealNetworks’ foundational streaming media patents, expanding Intel’s diverse portfolio of intellectual property.

Intel said the deal enhances its ability to “continue to offer richer experiences and innovative solutions to end-users across a wide spectrum of devices, including through Ultrabook devices, smartphones and digital media.”

RealNetworks will retain certain rights to continue using the patents in current and future products.

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Location: Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA Event Date: 11.30.11 Speakers: Peter BiddleBrian David JohnsonMichael S. Malone

Experts from Intel Corporation discuss major problems facing humanity, including global warming, an aging world population and the relentless pace of technology. Will better technology solve these problems or are humans hitting a fundamental physical barrier to progress? 

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