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Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, at the CTIA Wireless conference Tuesday. He was challenging AT&T’s recent assertions that the government’s rejection late last year of AT&T’s effort to buy T-Mobile (see Death of a deal: Effects on AT&T, T-Mobile, consumers, more) have forced AT&T to raise its customers’ prices — which was one of the government’s concerns about the merger. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson reportedly complained about a spectrum shortage at the Milken Institute’s annual global conference last week, saying “since that deal got killed, our data prices have gone up 30 percent.” GigaOm’s Kevin Fitchard argues that AT&T is “nowhere near exhausting its airwaves.”

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Some have recently argued that the government’s review of transactions in the wireless space — or, let’s be frank, review of one specific transaction — is somehow causing a shortage of spectrum and leading that company to raise prices for consumers. The overall amount of spectrum available has not changed, except for steps we’re taking to add new spectrum on the market.

What’s next for Apple? Apple will provide wireless service directly to its iPad and iPhone customers. First, Apple will sell data packages bundled with iPads. Then it will sell data and international roaming plans to iPhone customers through the iTunes Store. And in time — sooner than many think — Apple will strike wholesale deals with several mobile operators so that Apple can provide wireless service directly to its customers, as Apple Mobile.

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The Justice Department said Thursday it has sued AT&T Inc., alleging the telecommunications giant improperly billed the Federal Communications Commission for services it provided to the hearing-impaired.

The lawsuit focuses on a service AT&T provides that lets hearing-impaired people place telephone calls by typing messages over the Internet.

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The country’s third largest wireless carrier, Sprint Nextel, has terminated its 15-year agreement with wholesale wireless startup LightSquared.

Back in July, LightSquared signed a $9 billion 15-year agreement with Sprint to build and host its LTE network, which is crucial for the company to reach the targeted launch date of its wireless network. Now, however, Sprint ending that agreement and returning $65 million in prepayments, the company announced today.

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Mobile operator Vodafone may be planning to make an offer for Cable & Wireless Worldwide ahead of the Monday deadline, according to a report by FT. As per the report, Vodafone has been considering the price and plans to make a formal bid for C&W Worldwide.

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Europe seems to be getting all the fiber love lately, as researchers at Deutsche Telekom hit transmission speeds of 512Gbps on a single fiber optic channel this week, with usable speeds up to 400Gbps. To put this context, that’s about 77 CDs of music being transferred at once. What’s even more impressive, it was accomplished under real-world conditions, sending the transmission 734km from Berlin to Hanover and back again alongside channels carrying the company’s standard 10Gbps signals. Once built out, this new technology could operate on all channels of a given fiber. For Deutsche Telekom’s 48-channel optical fibers, that means a theoretical throughput of 24.6Tbits on a cable thinner than a human hair.

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ALONG with Vodafone, Tata Communications, a unit of India’s biggest business house, is considering a bid for Cable & Wireless Worldwide (CWW). The Indian press has referred to the British telecoms firm as a “giant”, a label that is fifteen years out of date. CWW is today is more of a joke, or a tragedy, a living rebuke to British capitalism, or maybe just a disgrace. Since the late 1990s it has made fortunes for its managers, paid a king’s ransom in bankers’ fees, and lost its owners almost everything. Its putative buyers should beware.

Until the mid-1990s Cable & Wireless was a contender, one of the industry’s biggest firms, with a portfolio of assets ranging from Hong Kong’s main operator to stakes in mobile firms in Japan, Britain, South Africa and France. But after drinking gallons of dot-com Kool Aid its bosses sold its good assets, sometimes for good prices, and reinvested in its worst businesses. These were a midsized British fixed line unit and a global network along which voice, data and internet traffic passed, which had its roots in the telegraph systems of the imperial age. (In 2010 the last international assets, profitable and mainly in the Caribbean, were hived off and became a separate company. The rump of C&W was renamed CWW.)

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AT&T is asking its mobile customers with 2G-only phones to make the leap to 3G and 4G devices, warning them in a letter that their voice and 2G data quality may soon degrade in some areas, MarketWatch reported Thursday. It looks like in the aftermath of its failed merger with T-Mobile, AT&T is following its would-be acquisition’s lead, shutting down its older, inefficient GSM networks to clear room for newer, faster HSPA services.

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One of Europe’s biggest wireless companies recently started offering a new plan in France: For less than $14 a month, customers could get unlimited Web browsing on their phones.

The catch—the Internet was limited to Twitter and Facebook. Every 20 minutes spent on any other website cost nearly 70 cents.

France Telecom SA’s Orange Group is one of several wireless carriers around the world experimenting with slicing up the Web into limited offerings and exclusive deals they hope will bring marketing advantages or higher profits.

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AT&T Inc. pulled the plug on its all-you-can-eat plan for smartphone customers, telling subscribers they will see much slower speeds if they exceed a new monthly usage cap.

The new limit, which applies to some 17 million subscribers, means users of the No. 2 U.S. carrier have little choice but to start paying more as they download more video, stream more music and use more apps.

The shift came as the company separately warned some users of its most basic phones that they soon may not be able to make or receive calls if they don’t upgrade to devices that run on faster networks—devices that it is offering free.

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