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Despite the online protests of Web freedom advocacy groups, a new cybersecurity bill known as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) has gathered supporters in Congress and the private sector as it heads towards a vote in the House of Representatives this week.

That support makes the bill’s primary sponsor, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, pretty confident that the bill will be passed by the House, paving its path to become law, if also passed by the Senate and signed by President Obama.

“I feel pretty confident that we’ll close out the bill,” Rogers told TPM in a phone interview. “There is a strong chance that the bill will be passed [by the House this] week.”

That said, the White House on April 17 issued a thinly veiled critique of CISPA, indicating the President may not sign it if it reaches his desk in its current form.

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