Lucius Fox

Chief Executive Officer of Wayne Enterprises

A couple months ago, when we embarked on the Porsche Next Design Challenge, we didn’t know what we’d get. And now we do. The Top 7 entries you see here impressed our judging panel with their imagination, beauty, and refinement. Which isn’t an easy task, given who our judges were: Jens Martin Skibsted, cofounder of the design firm KiBiSi as well as the high-end bike company Biomega; Dror Benshetrit, founder of Studio Dror, which has designed everything from luggage to sneakers to lounge chairs, for clients including Puma and Cappellini; and Grant Larson, Porsche’s exterior designer, who has been the mind behind Porsche’s most important brand extensions of the last two decades, the Boxster and Panamera, and has also led designers for the Carrera GT and the 911 Carrera and Turbo.

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